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Utility Patent Basics

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

     During my engineering career, I’ve encountered quite a few business owners and inventors who are completely in the dark when it comes to intellectual property rights.  In particular, there are plenty of misconceptions floating around about utility patents. 

     To learn more about utility patents, I invite you to read an excellent article by attorney Thomas F. Zuber: 

Patent Law Basics For The Non-practitioner – Part II Of IV: UTILITY PATENTS

*This article is for non-practitioners seeking to familiarize themselves with the basics of patent types and patentability requirements. This article is Part II of a four part series. Parts III and IV will follow in biweekly installments, and will address Design Patents and Plant Patents, respectively.  

Utility patents are the most common type of patent, and they’re what laypersons are usually referring to when using the word “patent.” For an invention to be patented, ….. 

Read the full article by going to:–utility-patents.html_