Magic as Performed by Pulleys

    Ever seen that old movie where they’re lifting a grand piano to the top floor of a tall building with ropes?   The huge piano dangles precariously in mid air by the ropes, which are attached to a rather simple looking wheeled device that’s situated at the top of the building.   As men on the ground tug on the ropes, they hoist the piano higher and higher by increments of inches as the wheeled device the rope is threaded through spins madly.   The piano’s formidable size appears to magically levitate off the ground, like in the famous magician’s trick.   That object with the spinning wheel is a pulley, a rather simple device which I as an engineering expert have often made use of in my designs.

So Where's The Pulley?

So Where’s The Pulley?


    We’ll be talking about the various types of pulleys and their uses in future blogs, beginning with an exploration of a simple pulley.

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