Thanks For the Gift, Sir Isaac

      It’s the season of giving.  The time of year we’re most apt to remember our loved ones and those who provide service to us by bestowing them with gifts.  It’s a time when traditions and nostalgia for things past may cause us to get emotional.

      We celebrate many holidays throughout the year, memorializing veterans, family members, political leaders, but none to celebrate the scientist, the inventor, those individuals who have graced mankind with their insights, courage, and perseverance to go beyond the ordinary, to dare to understand things most would believe are beyond human understanding.  The accomplishments of these uncelebrated figures have elevated humanity time and again.  Where are their days?

      The scientist in me would like to see a Sir Isaac Newton Day, an Albert Einstein Day, Madame Curie Day, Stephen Hawking Day — Americans could use more days off to relax.  And when the youngsters in our charge ask, “Who’s Einstein?  Who’s Madame Curie?”, we could regale them with tales of the heroes that contributed to our understanding of the workings of the universe.  Perhaps the information might prove inspirational enough to the receptive young mind to light the fire of exploration within them.

      Scientists throughout history have given us many gifts, the type of gifts that change things forever.  They may not be what first comes to mind when imagining heroes, but in my mind they’re nothing less.

      Wishing you all an inspirational and happy holiday season and New Year!

Engineering expert witness


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