Forensic Engineering

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What do you do when you want to discover technical details about an object but the evidence must not be disturbed?  You would use nondestructive examination (NDE) techniques to get to the heart of the matter. NDE techniques range from straightforward visual inspections conducted with the naked eye and captured with conventional photographic equipment to advance techniques employing the use of X-ray equipment to reveal hidden details. Well versed in both NDE and reverse engineering techniques, Phil O’Keefe has solved many engineering-related mysteries.  His forensic investigations are performed in accordance with engineering principles, standard design practices, industry standards, as well as applicable regulatory compliance requirements. Whether it is a matter of device failure, property damage, personal injury or fatality, Phil’s examination methods may include testing of exemplar devices, review of documentary evidence, examination of physical evidence, or accident reconstruction. Well versed in the NED techniques most often employed during the course of forensic engineering analysis, Phil O’Keefe’s more than 30 years of real world electrical and mechanical engineering experience has benefitted attorneys and insurance professionals, as well as private industry. What can he discover for you? Phil O’Keefe has experience performing forensic engineering analysis (also known as “root cause failure analysis”) on mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices.