Intellectual Property Experience

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“Phil O’Keefe’s understanding of the patent litigation process, coupled with his engineering expertise, was invaluable to our case.”  - Tony Zeuli, Esq., Merchant and Gould, P.C.
Phil O’Keefe is the recipient of US Patent No. 6,623,184 and has another patent pending before the US Patent and Trademark Office.  He has worked closely with patent attorneys to draft patent application claims that recite and define the structures of inventions in logical and precise terms, and he is frequently called upon to provide intellectual property support to individual inventors, businesses, and engineering consulting firms.  Phil sat on the Inventors Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA) Intellectual Property Section where he rendered opinions about proposed changes in patent law from the perspective of an inventor. Experienced with performing 35 U.S.C. 102/103 analysis, developing claim charts, and writing Rule 26 reports, Phil is frequently called upon to render opinions on validity, literal infringement, and infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents. Phil’s patent litigation experience includes testifying on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving a wide range of technologies.  In addition, he has been qualified to testify at trial by the Honorable Anna J. Brown, United States District Judge for the District of Oregon. He has worked extensively with the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, wherein he has gained a full understanding of esoteric concepts including anticipation, non-obviousness, enablement, and recapture.