About Philip J. O’Keefe

     You’ve landed on the Engineering Expert Witness Blog, authored by me, Philip J. O’Keefe.   It has the distinction of being one of the longest running engineering blogs on the internet and is routinely used by industry professionals, STEM program teachers, and university students as a source of supportive technical material, including those at Penn State University, the Electrical Engineering Schools website, and The 101 Best Resources for Electrical Engineers.

     I’m President of EngineeringExpert.net, LLC, and I’m a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Model Law Engineer (MLE).   I have more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of development, design, testing, and operation of a variety of things, including:  medical devices, electronic devices, electric power tools, gasoline engine powered tools, hand tools, electrical appliances, manufacturing equipment, material handling systems, electric utility power plant equipment, industrial control systems, safety interlocks, and railway equipment.

     I’m a recognized expert in the electric utility industry and patent recipient within the medical device industry.   I also act as consultant to and certified training instructor within private industry, where I currently teach seminars on a variety of technical subjects, including coal power plant technology and arc flash hazards.

     I provide forensic engineering services, engineering expert witness services, litigation support services, and insurance and private industry consulting in the fields of patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, product liability, personal injury, property damage, regulatory compliance, and professional malpractice.   I advise both industry and private inventors on the design, manufacture, and patent feasibility of products.   I’m also President of North Star Ideations, LLC which designs and develops electronic devices for the medical and sports industries.

     What makes me different from most engineers is that I’m also a visual artist, capable of producing illustrations, CAD drawings, museum quality scale models, and many things in between, all with an aim towards making it easier for the nontechnical to understand complicated subject matter.   And when the situation calls for it, I work closely with a specially trained 3D artist to create meticulously accurate animations of subject matter that require moving, live-action portrayal to make clear their functionality.    This is particularly useful in patent disputes, where the patents in suit and prior art are often hard to decipher.

     This blog focuses on engineering and other technical topics.    Material is presented through a variety of approaches, and the technical messages will sometimes be peppered with cartoons to bring the message home in a humorous way.

     Please join me in an exploration of the technical coupled with the artistic.    Just hit the RSS feed icon and you’ll be sure not to miss a single issue.    You may also contact me by email at: pokeefe@engineeringexpert.net.

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