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Philip J. O’Keefe’s specialized training enables him to conduct detailed forensic analyses of products and industrial equipment alleged to have caused fires, explosions, injuries and death.  He has been featured on the Discovery Channel series Curious and Unusual Deaths, where he explains how deaths were caused by seemingly innocuous things, including a microwave oven and air conditioner.  He has during the course of his private sector career earned titles as diverse as Technical Training Coordinator, Manager of Development and Testing, and Director of Engineering, and he has been awarded a U.S. Patent.
Experience, coupled with the ability to communicate clearly that which has been analyzed, produces the desired result:  Impressing upon your audience in a credible, comprehensible, and succinct fashion.  Philip J. O’Keefe’s services include providing engineering expert witness and litigation support, forensic analyses, product development, and IP consulting.  He also leads technical training programs.
Philip J. O’Keefe is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Model Law Engineer (MLE), a designation granted by the National Council of Engineering and Surveying  (NCEES).  He has more than 30 years’ workplace experience in a variety of fields, including food, consumer product, and medical device manufacturing, and electric utilities.  He is author of the Engineering Expert Witness Blog, one of the longest running engineering related blogs on the internet, used by college students as a source of supportive technical material, including those at Penn State University and the 100 Top Resources for Electrical Engineers on the Electrical Engineering Schools website. He has more than a decade’s experience as an engineering expert witness consultant, forensic investigator, and mechanical and electrical engineering consultant, and is experienced in working with law firms, corporate counsel, insurance professionals, private industry, electric utilities, and individual inventors.