Analytical and Creative
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A 1-Inch scale model diorama built by Phil O'Keefe for display at the Field Museum in Chicago.  This large scale diorama depicts a typical Chicago Loop building basement in the 1920s, complete with a coal fired heating boiler, a fireman, and a Chicago Tunnel Company rail car.
Both the conventional and unconventional have benefitted by Phil O'Keefe's expertise, such as when the popular network television drama ER consulted with him on a proposed script and its content believability.  He has also served as a subjectmatter expert in educational documentaries aired on The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel.  An awarded visual artist, Phil O'Keefe has frequently been engaged as a technical illustrator.  His work has been commissioned by museums, major corporations, technical magazines, and authors.  This artistic ability, coupled with technical expertise, render him uniquely qualified to present the most puzzling of materials in an understandable manner.  His scale model work has been commissioned by museums and corporations across the United States.  His clients include the world famous Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, Morrison-Knudsen Corporation, Trinity Industries, Thrall Car Manufacturing Company, Science Applications International Corporation, General Electric, and Norfolk Southern Corporation.